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dd_cat's Journal
20 most recent entries

Date:2009-02-02 08:03
Subject:Been busy

So what is new. However this is constructively busy. Jan saw many projects started and finished, including
- a front path (40 odd meters of paving)
- a turning circle
- Several one wets for Master L sewn and other sewing finished
- at least one console game basically finished (Lego Batman - just need to OCD it now)
- one cross stitch finish (ysysy)
- the small ones back to pre-school and school

Oh one not so good one - one cat spending a week at vets but home now and getting better.

This month hopefully will not be quite so busy - expect this week already has something booked for each person each day. Next week isn't much better...

Ah well...

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Date:2009-01-03 12:08
Subject:Testing Nigella

As should be no shock to those who know me - I enjoy cooking and baking. I also enjoy watching various cooking programs. Yesterday I was watching "Nigella Express" which had a recipe for honeycomb. Looked really nice and simple to - sugar, golden syrup and bi-carb. No water, no sugar temp checking and small amounts made.

As honeycomb is liked by all in the house it was agreed that we need to test this one out. So we have. Currently it is setting but looks lovely - big golden lump of basically pure sugar. I suspect I have a new real easy sugar snack to make.

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Date:2009-01-01 16:20
Subject:Yay it is a New year

And what does that mean for us - more of the same :). A keeps working at freelancing. Z will start year 2 at the end of Jan. J and L will be in pre-school two days a week for the year. I will be enrolling for my second year of study in about two weeks time.

Differences - well everyone will be that bit older. L will soon be out of nappies - which will mean that for the first time in 7 odd years I will not be dealing with nappies :). Until prac that will be. But other effects of getting older will be increase jobs around the house for the kids, but a trade off of later bedtimes.

A and I will need to cut back what we are doing as we did end up at a few points last year - too busy. That isn't hard however - there are only a few things that can be cut back or out.

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Date:2008-12-28 09:31
Subject:Another Christmas

Well it is nearly the end of Dec and another year. A fun Christmas was had by all here. I think we did well as Z received more books than toys and there where no batteries needed for any gift.

I hope all who read this (yes the two of you) had a lovely Christmas also.

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Date:2008-12-16 14:16
Subject:Eek where did the year go?

It is half way through Dec and I am trying to work out what happened to the second half of the year. Some of it I know - Oct was my first Prac, Nov was exams and assignments and deadlines and travel. Dec I'm not sure?

Nice however that I have finished my first year of uni (after a very long break), the children are all a year older (eek) and A is still going well with his work.

Now as long as next year does not go this fast I will be happier.

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Date:2008-10-02 13:53
Subject:Nine years ago today....
Mood: nostalgic

Around now I was getting dressed into a lovely white dress that my mother made for me. A on the other hand was just finished off the last few games in his collection of the time and dealing with the joys of Saturday traffic in Sydney.

Yep today is our wedding anniversary. According to wiki it is either Pottery/China or Leather goods (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Wedding_anniversary). Mmmmmm the mind boggles.

Well you may ask what we are doing - very easy answer, A is on deadline and I am preping for my prac. This means we will be doing the same as we have every year post wedding - not much :).

Maybe next year we will do something different. No matter what I wouldn't change what I said or did 9 years ago. Love you lots still A.

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Date:2008-08-29 17:55
Subject:Fun and games

Or at least Study and children. I've handed in the first assignment for this semester. I now have a presentation to have ready for next Wed and 2 essay and 1 program + idea web due Monday week. Goody.

On the plus side I am on top of things - the kids are all basically healthy and the house is ticking over. Now if the cats would let me sleep at night I might even feel rested.

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Date:2008-08-18 10:20

Yeah yeah I know. I got busy okay. Very busy - last week had three sick in the house. Thankfully this week they are all better now. I'm slowly getting on top of my study and the weather is getting warmer at least during the day.

I really need to find time to do some crafting - sigh....

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Date:2008-07-18 07:25
Subject:A Finish - really

Yeah okay so it isn't Mermaid (I really need to get back to her) but I did finish a cross stitch last night. First one this year (but then I haven't done any stitching for 6 months so that isn't hard).

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Date:2008-07-17 08:33
Subject:Goody a Two year old
Mood: nostalgic

Yep - I did miss several birthdays during my non update time but the smallest one in the house is turning 2 today. So we have all the joys of a 2 year old in the house. However he has been warming us up to it in the fact that he started acting more like a 2 year old about 3 months ago.

We are still getting comments of "When will you have another one?", now everyone who reads this blog knows how much "fun" my last pregnancy was. Interestingly it is not hard for me to remember how hard it was and why we are not going for another child :). The risks are just too high for us.

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Date:2008-07-08 10:24
Subject:Eek - how long ago did I update?

Now that is depressing in some ways. I logged in and was told it has been 18 weeks since I updated.

That does sort of show how busy I have been but a short summary is
- I have finished my first semester of study
- DD and DS#1 are a year older
- DH and I are also a year older
- Many other things have happened.

I really should try and update more often.

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Date:2008-03-02 07:27
Subject:First week done

Okay how did I fit work into my life before?

I've had the first week home/study and it has gone well. We have had something to do every day, in fact very busy last week. This coming week isn't much better.

I have started listening to my Lectures (they are podcast the same day they are given on campus). I have my textbooks, library card. Logged into my email, discussion areas and started reading. It is looking interesting.

I need to work out a time to get some crafting done - didn't get time this week at all.

Now if we could get on top of DS#2 asthma it would be easier as well.

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Date:2008-02-13 12:13
Subject:Updates and News

Okay as I have been reminded I haven't updated lately. Something to do with working full time and having 3 kids - equals - not alot of time/energy online for me to post.

It is a new year and new plans. Z is in year 1 and loving it. J is in Pre_school and wants to know when he will go to school. L is in care 2 days a week and loving it. Health wise things could be better - Z/J are fine, I'm run down, A is run down and L has an early asthma signs (which means he has to have a puffer with him at all times). Hasn't stopped him running around.

Other news - I have quit work. I have 1 1/2 weeks to go until I leave the paid workforce - fro a while anyway. So to keep myself busy I am going back to study - Bach of Education (Early Childhood). This means that I will be home more and A can work more. The boys should be more settled and both A and I can be part of Z school stuff.

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Date:2007-08-23 08:41
Subject:Why is this winter sooo bad for health?
Mood: blah

I am so ready for winter to be over. It feels like I have been dealing with illness (mine, A's, the kids) since around April this year. I'm not going to do a run down cause it will just upset me.

Hopefully once the weather starts to warm up, we will all start to feel better.

On the plus side I have finished another Christmas gift, started a 3rd. Now if I could just get this exchange cross stitch finished....

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Date:2007-08-13 10:28
Subject:Ah life
Mood: okay

Yep another - I've been busy updates.

Lets see - aside from using A's version of the weekend (see http://www.alexkidman.com/?p=385) as a summary. I'll add in that since Wed last week there has been one healthy person in the house - me. Z is still getting her semi often nose bleeds, not helped by her banging her nose/forehead on a table at Sunday School yesterday.

On the plus sides
- I'm getting baking done on weekends, at least some biccies and often a cake
- Z is getting there with her reading, we keep getting her to read different books we have around and she loves it
- J is a parrot, you say something he repeats it to you again and again and again. Plus if you say you can not understand something he changes how he is saying it
- L is taking steps (3 at max so far), mmm I'm not so sure that is a good thing.
- A is keeping busy and over his flu
- Me, work is going well and keeping me busy during the day.

Oh and we have worked out that there are about 3 "free" weekends between now and the New Year - eeep.

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Date:2007-07-18 10:00
Subject:12 months ago today

Around now I was getting ready to walk out of the hospital with my less than 24 hour old newborn boy, for the first time in three births I had a take home baby.

L is now a busy little 1 year old (yes his birthday was yesterday - I was busy :)). The differences between him and his older siblings have been interesting. Yes there are alot of things the same (the not sleeping for example - he takes after his siblings in that) but the health and just difference those extra 2 weeks make is amazing.

The last year has just gone to fast (and before anyone asks - no I don't want to go through it again) but it is lovely to have 3 healthy kids.

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Date:2007-07-08 07:17
Subject:1week down of work and 1/2 a year of School
Mood: tired

Yes I know I been slack on updating this - something to do with 3 kids and life. But I've been back at work for week. Funny how easy it was to slip back in as if I hadn't had 16 months off. Thankfully it wasn't as bad as I was thinking, I had work to start with on Monday and basically only took a day to set my computer up correctly.

The sleep is the fun side of it - getting up at 5am, out the door at 6ish, on a train at 7am, in office a 7:45am. But the flip side is why do that - leave off at 4:15pm, on train at 4:30pm, home by 5:30pm. Which means we can dinner and I get to spend time with the kids before bed. As Z and J have both still been asleep when I leave, it is the only time during the week I see them. L has taken to waking up before I go.

We also happen to be 1/2 way through Z first year at school and got a very good example of how she is doing last night. We do stories with the kids before bed, have since Z was little, but last night Z basically did all the reading which included "10 Apples up on Top". Yay Z

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Date:2007-05-15 07:11
Subject:3 Years Ago....

I was stressing about my newborn little boy and amazed at how much better he was doing compared to his sister (at only 2 days gestational difference but lighter - 35 weeks). I was also happy to be finally getting out of hospital having spent the previous week in because of PPROM. So depending on how you want to count it my labour was either 1 week or 4 1/2 hours (yes active labour about the same as his sister).

Because we had been though it before we had a good idea of what to expect, still didn't make it easy leaving the hospital without J.

That little boy came downstairs this morning with a cheeky grin and "Morn'ng Mummy". While he has had different challenges from his premmie start, he is still a basically happy and healthy boy.

Happy Birthday J.

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Date:2007-04-27 14:41
Subject:Well not a complete shock
Mood: stressed

But both boys have now come out in spots. At least it is at the same time and not one after another. So that means another week at home for me - with 2 clingy boys.

Ah well - on the good news side Z had her reading assessed yesterday and has gone up a level in readers.

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Date:2007-04-13 07:45
Subject:On this day ....
Mood: contemplative

5 years ago I was worrying if my newborn daughter would make it though the next 24 hours. In our case this was a very real worry - she was born at 34+5 weeks gestation and needing 70% oxygen to keep her blood oxygen levels stable (and between 90-100%). She was born at 6:15am after just over 4 hours labour.

Well she made it. While her frist 12 months where very rough for health reasons, since then she has been basically healthy.She has grown into a very happy, active, bright little girl. Now if she wasn't spending her birthday dealing with chicken pox it would all be good.

Happy Birthday my little Z.

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